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About Us

Pamplona Tapas was born from the culmination of a childhood dream. Marisol Crespo, our founder, always knew that good food would be part of her life. At the age of six, and thanks to the influence of her maternal grandmother, she began to enjoy the delights of cooking and tasted the esquisite traditional meals from the lands of her grandparents, the Canary Islands.

The Canary Island influence that ran through the blood of Marisol—who was born in Cuba—led her to, from an early age, cultivate the idea of having her own restaurant some day. Naturally, it would have to be a place with a Spanish soul to honor her ancestors.

Her dream came true, and Pamplona Tapas is a reality thanks to the efforts of Marisol and the talent of Chef Errol, a professional who knew how to interpret Marisol’s idea and translate it into a myriad of delicious and distinctive tapas that create our menu: a blend of traditional flavors with culinary trends, all encompassing the complex and desired Spanish cuisine.

Our name, Pamplona, is not only the capital of Navarre, Spain, but also a worldwide famous destination thanks to the running of the bulls during the San Fermin festival, held annually during the month of July. As one of the most recognized locations in all of Spain, Pamplona was the perfect fit for the name our restaurant.

And what about the Tapas? A tapa in Spain is an appetizer that is served in most bars or restaurants accompanying a drink, alcoholic or otherwise. Tapas are so popular that they are offered to all kind of diners, from local personalities to important dignitaries. It is also common to have an entire dinner based on tapas, and this uniqueness has become a sample of authentic Spanish identity.

We could not be more proud of the results achieved with Pamplona Tapas, and we are excited to share our dream with the beautiful and exciting city of Las Vegas.

"The live music was the perfect background while enjoying so many delicious tapas."
"The restaurant has certainly put their focus on the freshness of their ingredients (the octopus is flown in from Spain) and it shows."
"The lamb chops were juicy and the flavor was on point."